Toothbrush Holders: Decorating the Bathroom

This morning when I brushed my teeth, I was disgusted at my toothbrush holder. It was not the pretty chrome color anymore, it had rusted. Mine is similar to this one: InterDesign York Toothbrush Stand, White/Chrome, except the base is chrome and it is a different brand. My bathroom has blue walls and brand new tile, so I am trying to get my bathroom back in order. Right now it is not very aesthetically pleasing. I don’t own a pretty bathroom set, so I am on the lookout for a matching trash can, soap and toothbrush holder.

So one thing is for sure, I don’t plan on buying the toothbrush holder stand anymore. In my opinion, they are a pain in the behind because the toothbrushes fall out very easily not to mention my rusted. However, I assume over time many toothbrush holders may rust. The Umbra Grassy Plastic Organizer, Green is cute (pictured above). It is very different. If you have kids, I think this next one is a neat idea. Hang Away Universal Toothbrush Holder (GLOWS IN THE DARK!).

I think Target has the cutest kid toothbrush holders. Oh wait…I am not looking for the kids. Darn it. So looking at the Target toothbrush holders and bath section make me realize how ugly the decorations are in my bathroom. So far I’m liking these styles:

I think when looking for a toothbrush/soap dish/trash can set it is nice to look for the colors that will match the style in your bathroom or at least coordinate. Purchasing art work to coordinate with those colors will make the bathroom look pretty! Right now I have some ugly looking beachy things in the bathroom. Absolutely nothing against items that go along with a beach theme, but the items I personally have are kind of ugly.

What does your bathroom look like?

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