Pool Bag Essentials for Baby and Kids

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my newsletter. You can also like Blissful Homemaking on Facebook. Articles have affiliate links. Pool Bag Essentials So it is that time of year again! This year is exciting for me because all 3 of my kids can swim without me holding them in a […]

Easter dresses in girls sizes 4-6x and 7-16

Easter is coming up on April 5, so it is time to be on the lookout for Easter dresses! Here are some pretty Easter dresses online that I found this year. Many are available in smaller than size 4. Click on photos to see product information. Want matching dresses for all of your girls? This […]

Easter Activities for Preschoolers


  Every holiday I like to do arts and crafts with my kids that pertain to that holiday. Since Easter is coming up, I thought I would compile a list of resources for parents who are looking for activities to do with the kids on Easter.   Find out how to do Easter finger puppets […]

Indoor Activities for Kids: Coloring Printables for Easter


Today we are continuing my series, Indoor Activities For Kids. If you missed previous articles, check out more kid activities here. Whenever there is a holiday approaching, I like to do arts and crafts surrounding the holiday. Easter is approaching, so I thought I would find some cute printables for the kids to color indoors. […]

Easter Basket Cake using Basketweave Piping Tip


Back in 2011, I attempted to make an basket cake for Easter. I was fairly new at decorating cakes. This was my first attempt to basketweave a cake…and my only attempt since! In the picture below, you can see where I cut a hole in the top of the cake. That was the “basket” of […]

Pinterest Finds: Easter Decorations, Table, Easter Tree

Screen shot 2012-02-27 at 2.40.57 PM

A few minutes ago I wrote a post about popular Easter decorations you can use to decorate your home. Pinterest is such an inspiration to me when it comes to decorating. I found some really pretty ideas for Easter. Do you have a spare empty vase? This could be used for Easter eggs. Photo Credit […]

Stay at Home Mom Schedule: My Daily Schedules Over the Years

stay at home schedule

I’ve been staying at home since 2009 when I graduated from a master’s degree program. I have been unable to find a job worthwhile outside of the home to support daycare costs for my kids. I’ve always wondered what other stay at home parents’ schedules looked like during the week. Sometimes my days are packed, sometimes my days […]

St. Patrick’s Day Decorations


Want to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day? Check out these great St. Patrick’s Day decorations. The first few decorations are from Amazon then I have an active eBay feed of current decor that is selling on eBay. Shamrock Light Set: The shamrock light set is the perfect addition for your St. Patrick’s Day party. A fun and […]