Undercover Tourist Review: Buy Disney Tickets Online


In 2011, my husband and 2 children went to Disney World. Like most people, we wanted to save some money because a Disney vacation can be pricey. There are tons of Disney scams out there, but Undercover Tourist is not a scam. They want your business. I definitely plan to buy through Undercover Tourist again unless I do a package through Disney World where I have to buy the tickets through Disney.

I purchased Disney tickets online through Undercover Tourist’s website. They sent me confirmation via email. I received the tickets as promised. The tickets I received were brand new and unused! There are no timeshare presentations or anything like that involved. The Disney tickets definitely worked at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

If you are wondering how they are able to sell Disney tickets for cheaper than Disney, well I’m not sure. I’m assuming they obviously have it worked out their business model or have some kind of deal with Disney. I have no idea. The important thing is that Undercover Tourist is legit, not a scam, and you will get your tickets.

Here are the current prices as of Feb. 17, 2013, but PLEASE check for the current ticket prices before you buy.

Disney World – Magic Your Way Adult (10 +) Child (3 – 9)
[+] MYW (3 day) SAVE $1 off (Adult) gate price $ 255.95 $ 238.95
[+] MYW (4 day) SAVE $5 off (Adult) gate price $ 267.64 $ 250.25
[+] MYW (5 day) SAVE $15 off (Adult) gate price
Top Selling Ticket! $ 269.95 $ 250.95
[+] MYW (6 day) SAVE $10 off (Adult) gate price $ 285.41 $ 266.24
[+] MYW (7 day) SAVE $5 off (Adult) gate price $ 300.75 $ 282.30
[+] MYW (8 Day) SAVE $6 off (Adult) gate price $ 310.95 $ 292.95
[+] MYW (10 day) SAVE $9 off (Adult) gate price $ 328.95 $ 310.95


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