The Cute Kid Contest: Is it a Scam?


I have been researching The Cute Kid Contest. To enter the contest, you pay about $20. However, when you upload your child’s photo(s) to the database, your child’s picture is available to agencies for free. So you do not have to pay for your child’s photo to be in the database. If you want to win prizes, you will want to enter. Read more below:

This is what The Cute Kid claims:

The 2012 CuteKid™ child and baby photo contest offers monthly cash, prizes, talent agent exposure, casting calls, baby modeling opportunities and a chance to be the 2012 CuteKid™ of the year Winner with a $25,000.00 *Grand Prize*.

What are the Grand Prizes?

$25,000 College Tuition Fund*
Agency Representation
Trip to New York City
Star in a TV Commercial
Press Conference announcing the “2012 CuteKid™ of the Year”
Your own website
Huge National Press Releases and Exposure
Canvas Portrait of Winning Photo and more!

Do I have to pay anything?

TheCuteKid allows members to upload and save their pictures to our site for Free. Your photos may be seen by industry professionals looking for that new face. If you would like to be included in one of our monthly contests for cash and prizes, there is a fee of $19.95 per photo.

So I decided to try for myself to see what happens when you try to sign up. Here is the process:

Ok, this is funny. When I entered my email address, apparently it is already in use. So, I guess a long time ago I signed up for The Cute Kid. Based on learning that information, I can tell you right now that I have not been hounded with emails or “spam” or anything like that. So far…I’m impressed.

Because I want to take you through the process, I am going to go ahead and show you the sign up process.

After you complete the sign in information at The Cute Kid’s website, you will then be asked to submit a photo.

Once you upload your photos, it will ask you to Enter Contest. You also have the option to not enter the contest.

If you click Enter Contest, you will be taken to this page:

The fees are used for the processing of the photo, prizes, and press budget. You will receive $78 worth of stuff if you enter the contest. So you are getting something in return. If you sign up and pay the $19.99, you will receive:

  • 1 year FREE subscription to Parents Magazine. Please allow 4 weeks to receive your first edition. If you are already subscribed, an additional 12 months will be added for your subscription. ($7.46 value). Just for price comparison, if you sign up at, you can get 3 years for $12 (as of 4/1/12). So, you are getting some value.
  • For a LIMITED TIME, all contest entrants will enjoy a FREE 11×14 photo canvas of your favorite photo. ($55 value). Just for price comparison, at Canvas People, an 11X14 is currently $26.99 (as of 4/1/12).

The point of entering is to be entered to win $25,000 and many more prizes. However, if you pay the contest fee, you are guaranteed that a judge will look at your child’s photo. One thing interesting I noticed that on The Cute Kid’s website there is a registration area for talent scouts to view photos entered in the contest or not. So even if you don’t enter the contest, the photos you upload are available for viewing by agents. Basically, if you upload a photo, you are giving The Cute Kid rights to share your photo with agents.

After reviewing all the information I can about The Cute Kid, it does seem to be legitimate and not a scam. They seem to be associated with big names and have good publicity. It seems like The Cute Kid is the middle man. I might be wrong, but they are trying to get you in touch with the agencies, talent scouts, etc.

Do you have any information you can share about The Cute Kid? If you are interested, check out The Cute Kid contest here.

Everyone that meets my daughter, Ava, thinks she should be a hair model. She was born with a ton of curly brown hair. I am interested in entering her into this contest. What do you think?


  1. kacy Christopher says

    HI I placed several photos of my child at cute kid from 2007-2011. I got very sick, and had to have surgery. MY child has a physical birth injury. After my 32 hours of useless spine surgery. I realized ,my child and I were being defrauded, singled out devalue, stigmatized, discriminated. WE were scapegoated by the deception and deliberate false allegations, . they betrayal , of the very agencies that were supposed to include the different , did the very opposite. MY family extended family so violated. the Medicaid enabled agencies, school, and the deceit was discovered, my disAbility used to profit , the deceit left my family in a state of overwhelmed confusion, hurt + harmed when MOM figured this out she did the only thing COULD do Follow the law to PROCECT THE SAFETY OF HER FAMILY AND HERSELF. I AM IN NEED OF THE PICTURES I POSTED ON THE CUTE KID OF MY DAUGHTER FROM TH E DATES IT urgent . no ONE DESERVES THE DELIBERATE NEEDLESS SUFFERING MY FAMILY HAS BEEN PUT THROUGH. I HOPE YOU WILL HELP.

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