Pot Roast with Gravy, Carrots and Onions Recipe


The other day my mother brought over a roast for me to cook, which was sweet of her to do so. I realized I didn’t have many ingredients on hand so I searched for a pot roast recipe online to try. I found the Perfect Pot Roast by The Pioneer Woman. It had basic ingredients, […]

Is Organic Milk or Hormone Free Milk Worth It?


Lately my family and I have been buying organic milk. I have two children, 2 and 4. I rarely purchased organic milk before this year. I’ve wondered if buying it is worth it because of the cost especially since there are milks labeled “hormone free” on the market. Organic milk is sold at a premium […]

What Does Organic Mean? Lack of Growth Hormones in Food

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This year I’ve decided to really focus on getting into shape. Part of that is to learn how to eat better. My family has always eaten a lot of starchy foods like rice and pasta. We also go out to eat too much. I’ve become very interested in eating more organic foods because I strongly […]