St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids, Pinterest Crafts, Leprechauns and Gold


I love St. Patrick’s Day. I have great memories from when I was in Kindergarten. I remember the teachers trying to catch the leprechaun in a trap. Of course the leprechaun was not there, but he left his hat under the trap. Now since I have kids, I am trying to come up with some ideas to make it fun. Here are some things I did last year:

  • Colored the toilet water green with food coloring…the “leprechaun” did it. Oh, but my son figured the leprechaun had to pee. LOL. :)
  • Gold would magically appear in random places in the house “from the leprechaun”. Our “gold” was foreign currency that is a brass color.
  • The leprechaun colored his milk green. My son was very upset by this, so that didn’t go over too well. He did not drink it. It probably isn’t a good idea to put food coloring in milk anyways. ;)
  • The leprechaun left a big balloon for my son as a gift.

This year I think I will make a trap to catch the leprechaun, but I need to get a hat. I plan to check the Dollar Store; however, I found some leprechaun hats on Amazon. I recommend a mini leprechaun hat because the leprechaun is suppose to be small. Unless you want to pretend the leprechaun is big of course.

I found some St. Patrick’s Day stuff on Pinterest. Check these out:

This picture is showing a printable tag to label goody bags, etc.

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This is a pretty green hair clip.

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This is a neat pot of gold idea.

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I remember when I was little, my older sister owned a white poodle. She dyed it pink. She named it Pinky. No, my mom did not give her permission. She had moved out already.

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Can’t have St. Patty’s Day without cookies.

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I would like to decorate my table with these decorations.

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