How to Clean Linoleum Floors: Best Cleaning Tips

In our kitchen, we have nasty linoleum kitchen floors, which we plan to replace this year or next. They are about 10 years old and just stained and yucky. The rest of our downstairs have hardwood floors that my husband installed. Our kitchen is located next to our garage, so all the debris comes in from the garage onto the kitchen floor (even with mats and rugs). Food also seems to stick easily on the linoleum.

I have a steam cleaner and it works well if the floors are somewhat clean. However, after some time, you really need to use a mop and cleaner to get the dirt out. I have postponed mopping for the past two weeks because I kept forgetting to buy mop cleaner. The spray kind of Lysol and Fantastik were not cutting it anymore, nor was my precious steam cleaner.

I have used vinegar in the past on the floors, but this time I really wanted to try the vinegar and get the dirt out. I poured some hot water in the mop bucket, added vinegar (I don’t really have a measurement), and started scrubbing. 

I think these types of mops work well when cleaning linoleum floors. I have been through all the different styles of mops, and I really prefer the kind with that style of mop head that grabs the dirt. Anyways, my yucky linoleum floors felt so clean when I was done cleaning. I even used that style mop to clean the baseboards around the counters. There is nothing like having clean kitchen floors!

I realize I just wrote a post about mopping my kitchen. Oh goodness. I hope I don’t feed the stereotypes about women and cleaning, but come on, everyone should clean their darn kitchen floors, right?

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