Indoor Activities for Kids: Building with Legos

Today is day number 2 of my series Indoor Activities for Kids. You can see all indoor activities here. Spending quality time with your child is very important. In addition to reading books, I think it is a good idea to spend at least 30 minutes every day doing an activity together. For this series I have chosen indoor activities.

Both of my children love to build with blocks. We own Legos and the Lego Duplos. The Lego set my son owns is the LEGO Ultimate Building Set – 405 Pieces. For Christmas, I purchased him the KidKraft Lego and Train Table so we would have somewhere to store the Legos and somewhere flat to build on since we really didn’t anywhere to put the Legos.

Usually I sit on the floor next to the Lego table and build with my son. We build houses and buildings together. If you need some Lego building inspiration, you can go to and visit the gallery of uploaded images from users showing off their building skills. Another place to visit, believe it or not, is now Pinterest. Just search for Legos and I was able to view creations.

I would plan on spending at least 30 minutes building with your child. Children are not only using their imagination when building with Legos (or any blocks will do), but they are also figuring out how to stack, build, and count. You could also talk to your child about the colors of the Legos. The sky really is the limit! In fact, Lego has a special section online just for educating children by using Legos!

Is your child preschool aged? Here are some preschool lesson plans using Legos. Click on grade levels at the top left of the main navigation bar to see lesson plan ideas for preschool, middle school, high school, college, and homeschool.

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