Daily Schedule for Stay at Home Moms or Dads


Many moms that stay at home eventually go through a rut thinking…”what do other moms do with their day?” Some moms get bored. Even though there is SO MUCH to do as a stay at home mom, some of use go through a stage where we just get bored “with the routine”.

6AM: My husband gets up for work.

8AM: I get my son up for preschool. He is 4 years old and attends a pre-k program 4 days a week for 3 hours each day. He eats breakfast, gets dressed, etc.

8:30AM: I wake my daughter up for the car ride.

8:50AM: I drop my son off at pre-k.

9:15:10:30AM- I feel myself and my daughter breakfast. Clean the kitchen. Do chores in the kitchen/laundry room. I also use this time to blog. I am a virtual assistant for another blog and do some morning work for her.

10:30AM- Arts and crafts with my daughter, play time, etc. I play with her and also use this time to do other things around the house. I might prepare dinner ahead of time if something needs marinating, etc. I also put any meals in the crock pot at this time. If I need to run an errand, I will do it at this point unless I do it after I drop my son off.

I now exercise in the morning. I am trying to workout at least 30 minutes on my elliptical. I am not there yet. I usually go for walks in the morning, but now I am trying to use my elliptical since this was my Christmas present. I am overweight and am not very physically fit. I will talk about that stuff on my blog also as I progress.

Noon: I pick my son up from pre-k.

From 12:00ish-1:00pm: During this time, I feed them lunch, talk to my son about his day, etc.

1:00- I put my daughter down for a nap around this time.

1:30pm- I allow my son to watch a cartoon or movie, and I finish any blogging work for the blog I work for because it has to be done by 3pm generally.

2:00pm-3:00pm- Free time with my son, chores, etc. I also use this time to do any banking, or make phone calls while my daughter is asleep since it is almost impossible to talk on the phone while she is awake. Let’s just say she is a SCREAMER.

3:30pm- I begin to prepare dinner, stick it in the oven if needed, clean kitchen again. My daughter wakes up around 4 or so.

4:00pm- My husband is generally home around this time.

4:30pm- We eat dinner.

After dinner we might run an errand, or just have family time.

7:00pm- I usually give the kids a bath at this time.

7:45pm- I read books to the kids, and my son goes to bed around 8:00ish.

9:00pm- My daughter goes to bed around this time because she takes a long nap during the day.

10pm: We try to bed in bed at this time.

That’s about it! What does your day look like?

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