Chores for Kids: Age Appropriate Chores

My children are young, but it is time to enforce my 4 year old to help out more around the house. There are a number of chores for kids that are age appropriate. It is important to only let them participate in age appropriate chores for safety reasons. There are benefits for children to do chores. It helps young children build self confidence, self-efficacy, and teaches them lessons about life. However, it is important to make sure that you as a parent do not expect too much from your child. You need to have realistic expectations. Also, giving a child too many chores can overburden them, which will result in your child feeling frustrated.

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

2-3 Year Olds

  • Children should be able to start putting their own toys away.
  • A more mature child might be able to help make her own bed.

4-5 Year Olds

  • Help carry laundry to the laundry machine (a 2 year old can technically help too! Mine does!). Don’t expect a young child to be perfect with folding clothes! However, 4 year olds usually can help match socks!
  • Help feed pets.
  • Help set the table.
  • Help with groceries.
  • Help make dinner.
I found an adorable website that allows you to build a chore chart for the little ones.
Elementary Aged Children
More independent than preschoolers and should be able to master certain activities without help such as:
  • They should be able to make their own bed without help.
  • Clean their own room without being asked.
  • Learn how to fold laundry.

According the American Academy of Pediatrics, adolescents should be able to:

  • Clean up after themselves.
  • Laundry.
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop.
  • Set and clean the table.
  • Wash and put away the dishes.
  • Take care of family pets.
  • Clean the bathrooms.
  • Prepare their own lunches for school.
  • Know how to cook at least one meal.
  • Help with yard work.
  • Wash the car.

I am a fan of Healthy Children, which is referred by American Academy of Pediatrics. They have a ton of great parenting information.


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