Bill Organizer and Monthly Expenses Worksheet: How I Organize Bill Paying

My Bill Organizer and How I keep Bills Organized

I hate paying bills. Not because I don’t have the money, although I could use more of it, but because of the organization involved. Even if you don’t owe much debt or any at all, you will get junk mail and statements sent to your address. The junk pile can become unbearable. I absolutely don’t have time to shred papers all the time, but I make time for it because I think it is important to shred sensitive documents. My husband thinks that maybe we should charge credit card companies (that we don’t have accounts with) time for going through their crap mail. He is joking, but the point is that junk mail and credit card offers can get out of hand.

I have been on a mission to organize my bills. We get paid twice a month, so twice a month I sit down and do hard core bill paying. That does not mean I don’t check my accounts weekly or even daily, but I can say that twice a month I know for a fact that all bills are paid (or scheduled to be paid) and up to date on any given day. Due to the accumulation of junk mail we receive, sometimes I do get disorganized. Although I pay all my bills online, it can get confusing because of the number of passwords and logins to remember. So even though I pay bills online, I STILL keep track on paper. I don’t know about you, but my computer is cluttered and a bit disorganized itself.

So how do I keep my bills organized? There are a few ways. First, I have a homemaking binder. Inside my homemaking binder, I have a printable monthly budget worksheet that keeps track of when my bills are due. If you are not sure what a homemaking binder is, I will be writing a post about that soon. A homemaking binder is just a regular binder that I divide into categories such as chores, bills, recipes, etc.

You can download the monthly expenses worksheet here that I currently use. I saved the document in a .doc file so you can edit the payee. When my husband is paid twice a month, I sit down and use this worksheet to check off what I have paid, what I need to pay, and the amounts. The worksheet stays in my binder. For any paper bills I receive that I plan to pay soon or that I have recently paid, I put them in a expanding file. After a few weeks, I sort through the accordion file and either shred what I don’t need or place important papers in a filing cabinet. The filing cabinet generally holds things like really important stuff like taxes. :)

So there you have it. That is our bill paying, bill organization system in our household. It might sound a little cluttered, but that is how it works right now. I hope to eliminate at least one of the steps and make it more efficient. What is your bill paying process like at your home? How do you organize bills?

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