Bathroom Decor Ideas: Beach Theme Accessories and Pinterest


Tired of seeing overly expensive bathroom decor ideas? One of the goals of my blog is to find affordable decorating ideas. Since the summer is approaching, I thought I would find beach bathroom decor for this first post. First, I have found a few products that you might like for the bathroom. Second, I have found photos off of Pinterest of bathrooms that were decorated in beach decor to give you some inspiration.

This pretty wall picture would fit nicely over the bathroom toilet I think.

Ocean Starfish Sea Shell Beach Bathroom # 2 Wall Picture 8×10 Art Print

Below is the Relax Seashell Wall Art Sign Shells Beach Bathroom

You can’t have a beach bathroom without a toothbrush holder and soap dish. I really like how the colors are a pearl white. I think it adds a soft, delicate touch.

If you must have a towel with a seashell on it, you should check out Avanti By the Sea Hand Towel.

There is a matching shower curtain.


The pretty beach bathroom decor image below is no longer available on Amazon BUT I found it here on eBay.



If you paint the walls in a beach themed bathroom, I think I would recommend a neutral or pastel color. A blue color could work also…something that reminds you of a summer breeze or ocean. Obviously a sandy color would correlate with these products. Remember to use a satin sheen when you paint the bathroom. I think the tip that is important is to not make a beach bathroom gaudy. Make it clean looking. Simple. Elegant. Pretty. Not too flashy or big hot pink beach photos (unless it is a sunset maybe?).

I think this decoration would be pretty if you have enough counter space in the bathroom.

Pomeroy Beaches Lighting Décor

Now we need to dress the toilet, right?

Below is the Seashell Beach Toilet Seat Cover & Rug Mat Bathroom.



This shower curtain will add some nice spice to the bathroom.

Seashell Bathroom Shower Curtain Hooks Set, assorted ant



I also like this hook. You could hang towels on this possibly?

Triple Hook – Three Raised Resin Sea Turtles on a Wood Back 



Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

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